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About the project

You deserve your well being.
Housing a duplex apartment with 90 square meters in the city that owns some of the most beautiful Portuguese beaches and “Serra da Arrábida”, it is a privilege.

Living in a 19th century building, rehabilitated to provide all the comforts of modern life, is an exclusivity. Even more, when it is inserted in a historical center full of life and points of interest.

Have you ever imagined living here?

2 x T2 Duplex
Total area
90m2 + 100m2 (Garden)
Center of Setúbal
Expected date
September 2018
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The Apartments

This rehabilitation project of a property that dates from the end of 19th century, still preserves the original trait, which gives it a great charm and integrates it into the whole of the historic center.
The building consists of 2 apartaments with 2 bedroom each with 90m2 + 100m2 of garden.

Apartment A

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90m2 + 100m2 (Garden)
266.000 €
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Apartment B

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90m2 + 100m2 (Garden)
266.000 €
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The Location

10 minutes away from the historical center, 15 minutes from the ferry to “Tróia Peninsula” and only 5 minutes from the train station and from the A2 highway access to Lisbon, this T2 duplex apartment with 90 square meters is close to everything. Hospitals, schools, monuments and protected landscapes are just around the corner.

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Walking distance

  • Setubal Historic center and traditional commerce area;
  • Av. Luisa Tody – best typical restaurants;
  • Ferry boat to Tróia;
  • Train station;
  • São Bernardo hospital;
  • Livramento fish market.
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Near By

  • Forte São Filipe (Setúbal castle);
  • Highway A2 way out to Lisbon;
  • Sta. Maria da Graça church;
  • Sado river with resident dolphin social group;
  • Sado river sightseeing tours and dolphin watch;
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Near Setubal

  • Serra da Arrábida;
  • Figueirinha, portinho da Arrábida and Galapinhos, Recently distinguished as the best European beach;
  • Tróia Peninsula, Carvalhal beach, Azeitão village and Alcacer do sal city.

Located in the center of Setúbal, Maria Baptista 9, the place where your dreams live.

But, as some say, true joy, is to be able to wake up on a Saturday early in the morning, to listen the kid’s laughter having fun in the garden with 100 square meters. Then, set foot on the path, greeting the neighbours and in less than 10 minutes, buying your own lunch, a very fresh sea bass, in one of the most emblematic fish markets in Portugal.

Afterwards, to escape the hottest hour, seek refuge in the green of Serra da Arrábida and finish your day with a breathtaking sunset contemplating Tróia Peninsula, the Sado estuary, cradle of life and biodiversity, while enjoying the regional gastronomy of Setúbal city, always in foreground.

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Information & Enquiries
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(+351) 919 766 632
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Rotunda São Gonçalo Nº1 Escritório 5
2775-399 Carcavelos - Portugal
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